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Ethio Wildlife Tours PLC. (EWT) is a licensed Tour and Travel plc. Company Stablished & Licensed under the Ethiopian Trade Registration Qualification program.

  •  Tin no 0027217133
  • Principal Registration No : AM/CT/GNDR/TFTBET/1/0000748/2014
  • Business License No: AM/CT/GNDR/TFTBET/03/08/6841314/2013
  • Business License Proc. No: 980/2016*
    With our extensive qualifications and experience, we are committed to providing efficient and professional services to our valued clients and customers traveling to Ethiopia.

At Ethio Wildlife Tours, we pride ourselves in having a team of qualified Ethiopian professionals who have a deep understanding of the Tour & Travel industry, as well as expertise in Wildlife, Cultural, and Historical tours in Ethiopia. Our management and staff have collectively worked in the industry for more than 10 years, ensuring that we deliver exceptional experiences to our clients.

Our Tour division is comprised of experienced management, tour operators, professional polyglot tour guides, and wildlife experts. Our team members have received certifications from top universities and colleges, specializing in Tourism Management, Tour Guiding services, Natural Resource management, Ethiopian Flora and Fauna, and Ethiopian History. Additionally, we have undergone specialized training programs provided by renowned organizations like the African Wildlife Foundation and JICA, further enhancing our skills and knowledge.

We offer a wide range of package tours and tailor-made itineraries that cater to both individual and group travelers. Whether you are interested in exploring Ethiopia’s diverse wildlife, immersing in its rich cultural heritage, or delving into its historical marvels, we have the expertise and resources to curate a memorable and transformative experience.

In addition to providing exceptional tours, Ethio Wildlife Tours is committed to conservation efforts. We believe in responsible and sustainable tourism, ensuring that our operations have minimal impact on the environment and local communities. Through our partnerships with local conservation organizations, we actively contribute to the preservation and protection of Ethiopia’s unique and precious wildlife and natural resources.

Choose Ethio Wildlife Tours for an unforgettable journey through Ethiopia!
Experience the beauty, diversity, and rich cultural heritage of this enchanting country with our knowledgeable and passionate team!
We are dedicated to providing you with the highest standard of service, ensuring that your visit to Ethiopia is filled with incredible memories. Let us show you the true essence of Ethiopia.


Ethio Wildlife Tours (EWT) is established with the aim of providing efficient and professional services to its Clients/Customers traveling to Ethiopia. It is owned and managed by qualified Ethiopian professional team with a great depth of experience & knowledge in the field of Tour & Travel Operation, Wild life expert, Cultural  and Historical Tour in Ethiopia. It is founded in the year 2019 but the management and many of its staff had worked in other Tour & Travel companies and tourism industry for more than 10 Years and hence have long years of experience in the field. we are organized with a mission of providing of professional and outstanding Tour and Travel services to our clients traveling to and Discover Ethiopia.


To see a prosperous Ethiopia, rich in Biodiversity resources, rich in history and  indigenous culture  whose image as a land of desert changed and making Ethiopia one of the known countries benefited from Tourism Sector & to contribute poverty reduction by generating alternative income and employment for the country